Cleaning Booths

If you have employees moving between dusty work areas to clean zones, installing a JetBlack Safety Personnel Cleaning unit will enable them to quickly remove residue dust, powder or contaminant from their workwear. 

Research shows that dust exposure poses a significant health risk to people working in industries such as mining, construction and many others. 

Workers exposed to harmful dust via their clothing are ten times more likely to be affected by fatal or debilitating respiratory diseases than people wearing dust-free workwear.

The Personnel Cleaning Booth meets or exceeds OSHA requirements. It operates by utilizing high-velocity, low-pressure air that is effective in dislodging materials from clothing and is much easier to use than alternative vacuum systems.

More importantly, it is a safer substitute to compressed air, which can potentially be very dangerous in this type of application due to the high air pressures involved.

Bosch & Siemens

Personnel, working environment and product benefit all gained from JetBlack Safety’s Cleaning Booth…


At the Bosch + Siemens Hausgeräte (BSHG) plant in Traunreut, they...

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