Bridgewood’s Health and Safety precautions improved by the introduction of JetBlack Safety’s Cleaning Stations…


Bridgewood UK utilises a range of vacuum forming, polyurethane reinforcement and composite moulding processes in conjunction with an array of materials to manufacture components and assemblies for a wide range of applications and markets. For example, they vacuum form parts for products such as shower units for caravans and body parts for various commercial vehicles.

The company has been trying to find a safe and simple method to remove unwanted material from both products and employee’s clothing for years but have consistently experienced issues with compressed air solutions.

“Here at Bridgewood, we trim, cut and rout plastic mouldings” says Iain Douglas, Technical Manager. “Operators need to clean down between operations and machine processes primarily to stop cross-contamination of different plastics and colours. We have tried various types of compressed air guns, nozzles and restrictors and quite honestly have been unable to find a suitable solution.”

Iain continues, ‘We even investigated fitting OSHA compliant compressed air nozzles with regulated airlines as a solution, so that each operator would have two airlines per position. One would be process air, non-restricted, and the other would be a regulated pressure with the OSHA gun. However, the problem with the OSHA compressed air gun and regulated air line is that the pressure was not strong enough to remove the plastic swarf from clothing. This also lead to concerns that regulators would be modified or tampered with to make them more powerful.”


Following an internet search by the company’s Health & Safety Officer, the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station was discovered.

“Within a week of making contact by telephone, I was visited by their Business Development Manager. I was given a quick demonstration of how the unit worked and was also left with a trial unit to play with for an agreed period of one week. However, I was so impressed with the unit’s performance I immediately requested an extension of the loan agreement as I knew that I needed to demonstrate it to other department managers,” Iain states.

“As a result of the successful trial and the emphasis that we place on employee safety, the company placed an order for eleven JetBlack Safety Cleaning Stations.”

“Bridgewood have an expectation of and commitment to safe working.”

Iain explains, “All of the Cleaning Stations ordered have been successfully installed and we are now educating and training our employees on the dangers of compressed air, and how to use the safe alternative that is the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station. I have been so impressed with the performance that I have even made our local compressed air supplier as well as a number of key Business Partners aware of its capabilities.”