A leading manufacturer of wood-alternative products discovers the benefits of the Jetblack Safety Cleaning Station….


Fiberon is a US-based leading manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railing and fencing products available around the globe. Through cutting-edge technology, the Company has created new benchmarks for innovation in outdoor-living products and is a recognized leader in sustainable practices. Their innovative manufacturing processes capture 98.5% of waste materials and divert 50,000 tons of wood and plastic from landfills each year.

These materials create some very dusty situations for their employees, especially if they are cleaning or emptying feeders. Workers were previously cleaning-down using a combination of paper towels and compressed air, both of which were proving to be inadequate and against OSHA regulations.


A safer and more effective solution for personnel cleaning was clearly needed and the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station was discovered through a quick internet search.

Nolan Speice, Production Co-ordinator for Fiberon explains, “We initially found the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station online. It looked better that any other products we could find, the website was better, and the communication of its capabilities was also superior. My boss and I decided to go for it and we have been extremely pleased with the results.”

Nolan continues, “We initially ordered three Cleaning Stations and they have made it much easier and more accessible for employees to clean themselves of dust and debris from their different positions around the plant. We are planning on continuing to install more Cleaning Stations because our employees continue to come and request more,” he concludes.

“I love the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station because you can clean yourself down so much easier now.”

“Everyone likes the Cleaning Station. I see someone using it almost every time I walk by. We get blowback from our repro bags and it works perfectly to remove it from your face and clothes,” said Craig, Fiberon’s Production Team Leader.