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Personnel, working environment and product benefits all gained from JetBlack Safety’s Cleaning Booth…


At the Bosch + Siemens Hausgeräte (BSHG) plant in Traunreut, they needed to eliminate the dangerous and unapproved practice of personnel blowing off fibre-glass strands using compressed air lines.


A new JetBlack Safety de-dusting facility was installed. Comprising a stand-alone booth, it incorporates a blower-powered air delivery and exhaust system and is intended to eliminate the dangerous and unapproved practice of blowing off fibre-glass strands using compressed air lines.

The Cleaning Booth, supplied by JetBlack Safety’s German Disrtributor, Carl von Gehlen GmbH, is now located in the area where oven chambers are assembled, a process that involves the use of glass-fibre materials. The de-dusting Cleaning Booth uses the same technology as the blower powered Cleaning Station, which is also available as either a wall mounted or portable unit. Whereas the compressed air line in the factory delivers high velocity air at 6 Bar, the Booth delivers a high volume of air at just 172mBar. High pressure compressed air presents a serious health risk with the potential to penetrate the skin, whilst the JetBlack Safety systems can be directed at the skin with no risk.

As well as providing a safe and effective method of removing workshop debris from personnel, the Booth also incorporates an exhaust system. This draws the removed dust downward through the pierced metal to be collected in dedicated vessels or ducted into existing factory extraction systems. The exhaust system offers the combined benefits of both eliminating the redistribution of the removed particles re-contaminating the working environment, including the ovens under manufacture helping to avoid possible malfunction, as well as ensuring the dust and particles are removed effectively from personnel and their clothes.

Bosch & Siemens
Bosch & Siemens