Grace Pacific

Safety concerns are resolved at Grace Pacific with the installation of wall-mounted JetBlack Safety Cleaning Stations…


For more than 75 years, Grace Pacific Corporation has been a driving force in Hawaii’s growth and prosperity. Throughout the years, the company has constructed and maintained the roads and highways that are integral to Hawaii’s transportation infrastructure. In addition to building roads, Grace Pacific also offers a wide range of construction-related materials and services that include pre-stressed and precast concrete products, products that extend the life of property and equipment, metal framing systems for construction, custom specialty signage and traffic and roadway safety products. Employees frequently risked using compressed air to clean the days dust from their clothes prior to leaving and driving home in their personal vehicle. This action was both a violation of the Company’s Health and Safety Policy and a cause of much anxiety amongst the workers.


Now, with two JetBlack Safety Cleaning Stations installed, Grace Pacific has an effective and efficient way of ensuring safe clean-down operations for its employees.Mr Simmions, GPRM Prestress Safety Committee Member explains further, “The Cleaning Stations are set up exactly where our employees need them, and everyone is happier. We learned about JetBlack Safety when a few administrators went to the mainland to visit other facilities similar to our own. In the pictures they took, there was a JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station and a few minutes later, after a web search, we were on our way to complete peace of mind.”

Grace Pacific’s JetBlack Safety Cleaning Stations have been installed and operational for more than a year without incident or complaint. Mr Simmions concluded,

“They are trouble free and the JetBlack Safety folks are most cooperative, friendly and ready to assist in whatever way they can. I would recommend the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Stations (and have) to many industries similar to our own where dust is a part of daily working life.”

Grace Pacific
Grace Pacific