Scottish Glass Recycling Centre Benefits from JetBlack Safety Cleaning Technology.


Container glass recycling is an effective way of re-using resources. Viridor’s Scottish Glass Recycling Centre at Newhouse in the heart of Scotland is a state of the art facility processing up to 50 tonnes per hour of glass containers to produce high-quality cullet* ready for re-melting by bottle manufacturers.

The recycling of the glass through multiple cleaning and sorting processes does produce a certain amount of dust which can build up on machinery, motors and conveyor belts. On the weekly scheduled maintenance and clean down day, engineers and operators can get dust on their overalls as they carry out their tasks.


The dust is non-toxic, essentially similar to sand, but we were looking for a safer, more effective and easy to use system for the workforce to quickly clean down their overalls before breaks and at the end of the day. The site had previously installed a compressed air powered vacuum system with a brush attachment but the time required for an operator to clean down made it unpopular.

When the vacuum broke into two pieces, a search was made for an alternative system and, following advice, we decided to trial a blower powered personnel de-dusting unit at the main pedestrian exit door.

The JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station soon proved both effective and popular, resulting in cleaner overalls and less time lost in cleaning down.


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