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Read our blog pages for information about the danger of dust exposure, how our products meet OSHA standards and finally the exhibitions we attend.

Maintaining your JetBlack Safety unit

Organising regular maintenance checks on your JetBlack Safety unit is essential to extend the life of your product and ensure optimum efficiency level.
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JetBlack Safety - COVID-19 Advisory Notice

JetBlack Safety is monitoring closely the evolution of the coronavirus situation and doing its utmost to safeguard its employee's health while maintaining operations.
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Dust Hazards in Construction

Research shows that dust exposure is a significant health hazard to people working in the construction industry. This article explains why dust exposure is dangerous and...
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Reducing Exposure to Lead Dust

Further to a recent article about the success of helping to remove and collect silica dust from employees’ work clothing, JetBlack Safety is committed to assisting companies in reducing their...
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Over 10,000 Cleaning Stations sold worldwide

Since entering the US Industrial market with the JetBlack Safety Personnel Cleaning Station, we have now sold more than 10,000 units
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Meeting OSHA Standards for Dedusting and Clean-down Operations

The intended purpose of the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station is to give companies a safe and effective tool for dedusting and clean down of their workwear and PPE equipment.
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