Over 10,000 JetBlack Safety Cleaning Stations Sold Worldwide

Since entering the US Industrial market with the JetBlack Safety Personnel Cleaning Station, we have now sold more than 10,000 units.

Initial sales had been generated in the UK and European markets when a 240V version of the Cleaning station was originally introduced in 2001. However, as soon as a 115V version, and OSHA compliant chip guard was made available to customers, North American interest and sales has grown rapidly year-on-year.

The success of the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station has been simple – it gives customers a completely safe alternative to compressed air for all personnel clean-down and de-dusting processes. And what’s more it gives piece of mind to users as they can remove dust/fibres without putting themselves in any danger.

Being blower-powered, the Cleaning Station delivers a high volume of air at low pressure, achieving effective cleaning safely. The air stream generated removes dust efficiently but, unlike compressed air, presents no risks, even when directed at bare skin.

JetBlack Safety Cleaning Systems

We have long recognised the dangers of compressed air for personnel and machinery cleaning operations. The JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station and Personnel Cleaning Booth are easy to use alternatives to compressed air that offer employers peace of mind and users a completely safe solution for removing dust and contamination.