A delicate matter – enclosed system design for cleaning components

A parts blow - off / cleaning unit which incorporates JetBlack Safety’s blower - powered Cleaning Station mounted within an acoustic glove box enclosure, is being delivered this week.

Although JetBlack Safety’s personnel cleaning applications have been in existence for well over a decade, this is the first time an enclosure design of this type has been manufactured for delicate parts cleaning operations.

Up until now, the customer has been using compressed air to dry off small, fragile metal components, a process which had produced the desired drying results but was proving to be both noisy and expensive to carry out.

The varying components are inspected at several stages throughout the manufacturing process by inserting fibre optics into the hollow body of the product and inspecting them with a magnifier. The acoustic glove box unit design includes access holes and a viewing screen which allows operators to ensure components are being thoroughly dried and due to their delicate nature not damaged.

Each component processed is placed within a jig so when it is inside the enclosure it can be manually blow-dried in the same position. A further feature design within the enclosure is a drainage table that enables all removed liquids to be effectively removed.

The enclosure is constructed from stainless steel 304 and has an operating noise level of below 83dB(A).