The JetBlack Safety range of products is the perfect solution for dusty environments. Below are some examples of industries where we regularly help to reduce dust levels.


A composite is a material that is made from two or more different materials, often with very different properties, which when combined, are much stronger than as single elements. Composites are...
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Originating mainly from forestry products, paper is made by pressing together moist cellulose fibres which are converted into pulp. These are then dried and flattened into sheets which are thin...
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Silica Dust

Silica, often referred to as quartz, is a natural mineral found in soil, sand, concrete, masonry, rock and granite, particularly within construction sites and quarries. What is...
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Wood is a natural, fibrous tissue which is found in the trunk and branches of trees and plants and removes CO2 from the atmosphere. As an organic material, it is made up of cellulose fibres and...
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The textile industry, which incorporates both carpet and textile manufacturing, involves the design, production, manufacture and distribution of raw materials, either natural or synthetic, to...
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Mining & Minerals

Mining involves obtaining materials that cannot be grown through agricultural processes or created in a factory. These metal and mineral reserves are located and extracted from the earth, all...
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Foundry & Casting

A foundry or metal factory casts metals into shapes by melting them down and pouring the molten liquid into a sand, ceramic or metal mould to form geometrically complex parts. The metal is then...
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