Xella builds dust defences with JetBlack Safety cleaning booths 

Xella, the Germany-based international market leader in building materials, is safeguarding its employees against the risk of dust exposure through an investment in 13 JetBlack Safety personnel cleaning booths. 

With over 7,000 employees and a presence in more than 25 countries, the Duisburg-headquartered Xella Group is one of the world’s leading providers of insulation and solid wall construction systems. Its Ytong aerated concrete stands for the highest level of thermal insulation, combining load-bearing capacity and fire protection, whilst its Silka sand-lime brick enables high loads to be borne by slim wall constructions. These building material brands are the choice of property developers, architects, energy consultants and building contractors the world over. 

Inevitably, production of these materials generates dust from sand, concrete dust, lime-sandstone dust, which, if left unchecked on employees’ work clothes, could potentially pose a health & safety risk.

Seeking a de-dusting solution

“We were looking for an effective solution that would enable low-risk personnel de-dusting and cleaning of employees’ work clothes, thereby reducing the risk of dust exposure within our production facilities as well as preventing dust carry-over into clean areas,” explains Daniel Schweitzer, who is responsible for Occupational Safety at Xella Deutschland GmbH. 

Initially, Xella trialled a wall-mounted JetBlack Safety cleaning station, supplied by Vebotech, one of JetBlack Safety’s German representatives. This OSHA-compliant hand-held tool offers a safe, compact and effective alternative to compressed air for personnel clean-down and de-dusting operations. 

Impressed with the cleaning performance demonstrated by the wall-mounted unit, Xella placed an order for a JetBlack Safety cleaning booth

Dust removal, capture & disposal

The cleaning booth operates on the same principle as the wall-mounted cleaning station, utilising high-velocity, low-pressure air to dislodge dust and fibres from clothing. However, the system is enclosed within a cubicle and incorporates extraction, limiting airborne distribution by capturing dust. As particles are removed, they are drawn down and away through a grille floor by a vacuum effect created by an external blower. All removed materials are collected in an H14 HEPA extractor.

The booth was delivered within the four-week lead time promised by Vebotech and Xella has since gone on to purchase 12 further JetBlack Safety cleaning booths in the space of a year for installation in several of its production facilities.

“When we researched de-dusting solutions, the JetBlack Safety systems appeared to offer the best value for money, and they have since proven themselves to be a worthwhile investment. Thanks to the JetBlack ‘air shower’ technology, cleaning of employees’ clothes is extremely quick and efficient. The system’s inbuilt extraction and collection functionality is also an advantage as dust released from clothing can be safely and easily disposed of,” says Mr Schweitzer. 


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